6 mil plastic for sloped concrete before rubber pan gets installed

Subslope Concrete

sloped 1/4" per ft towards drain.

Rubber Shower Pan Liner

40 mil rubber liner gluing all corners and overlaps

Cement board

DO NOT use joint compound - use thinset mortar or plaster for seams and screws

Thinset mortar seams and screw heads

Use coated screws ONLY and mesh tape - we are now ready to pour concrete slab sloped 1/4" per ft towards drain

Install tiles after floor concrete has been poured

Leave spacing for shelves

Grout tiles

Grout wall tiles BEFORE installing floor tiles

Install curb cap

Slope 1/8" toward shower

Install shelves

Slope towards front 1/8"

Install shower doors or rods

Buff tiles before finish trim and doors get installed

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