kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Remodels / New Construction / Repairs

We do kitchen and bathroom remodels or installation of items (cabinets, countertops, tile etc.) you may purchase elsewhere. If you need repairs in your bathroom or kitchen contact us today for a quality job well done. Kitchens and bathrooms are important rooms with many standards and regulations, we have been doing these rooms in high end homes for the last 25 years. No matter what your budget size is...
big or small...we do it all!
We would love to create a beautiful kitchen or bathroom for you or remodel the one you currently have.
DIY - Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

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cabinets and finish trim

Cabinets and Closets

Finish trim and mouldings

We can design, build and install your cabinets whether you purchase them from us or elsewhere. We can make you a custom cabinet or duplicate one for you that you may have a photo of. We can redesign your closets to maximize your space. We install interior and exterior finish trim and mouldings. We can duplicate trim for historical homes. We also do repairs for all cabinetry, countertops, trim and hardware.
We create Granitized products so you can have the look of granite without the expense of real stone.
DIY - Cabinet Elevation Designer

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outdoor projects

Outdoor Structures

New Construction / Remodels / Repairs

We can design and build outdoor structures built for New England weather. We create Additions, Decks, Porticos, Pergolas, Gazebos, Garages, Sheds, Carports, Porches and Dormers. We also do Patios, Walkways, Stairs, and Masonry repairs. We will maximize your space while minimizing your costs.
You could get a free plan ready for permit with these projects by hiring MHR .
Who doesn't want an outdoor kitchen with countertops on their patio? We have great ideas for creating those.
Over 200 outdoor projects completed

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What can MHR do for you?

When you hire MHR you are hiring 30 years of knowledge in the Remodeling industry .We have been building and creating unique projects for our customers for many years and we are now offering home repairs and maintenance for anything that is attached to your house. We design and build for New England weather.

Contact MHR for your next project and get a free estimate promptly. Hire someone with experience, don't let someone "practice" on your home. It is always less expensive to do things right the 1st time rather than doing the same job 2-3 times over a period of a few years. We use quality materials to give you the best job possible and guarantee our workmanship. We offer reasonable rates and discounts for seniors, military and disabled persons.
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